PaulMcLean.US started in 1996. I worked in the Hotel business as a night auditor for a couple hotels on Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina. Working the night shift has a lot of “down” time.

I began teaching myself how to program and created my first software app in VB4. It was a telephone logging system to help the desk clerks manage and log room phone calls to be tallied up onto the guests daily charges.

The World Wide Web, as it was known, did not have as many .extensions. I thought, "Who would possibly want I am Paul McLean." Well someone had it! I googled me to find there were thousands of Paul McLean's in the world.

I noticed .US was one suggested. I thought, hmmm that's me, I am the Paul McLean that lives in the US.

From that moment I became more than just Paul McLean. I was now also PaulMcLean.US. Continue reading...

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